As our first forty days come to an end, I find myself grateful. Grateful to my body for all the changes it endured during my pregnancy, and my womb that worked so hard to grow, to contract in order to birth my baby, and then to contract as it shrunk back down. “He who does not thank people is not thankful to Allah.” Our body has a right over us and our body parts will testify for or against us on the Day of Reckoning, so I believe that we owe our bodies thanks too.

Speaking of pregnancy, birth and wombs, I love that when the Qur’an warns against severing ties of kinship, it refers to said ties as womb ties (silat ar-rahm). I am grateful for my family, those whom I shared the same space with when I was a womb dweller myself, my mother, my grandmother who carried me as an egg inside my womb dwelling mother, my aunts who dwelled inside my grandmother’s womb… I am grateful for the women of my family, and I acknowledge their struggles and the battles they’ve endured, as well as their beautiful attributes. I am ever grateful for my two sisters.

I am grateful that Allah has blessed me with children and with these souls in specific. I want to believe that I am a good mother and that I am good at mothering, and that I have a lot of personal growth in sight through mothering.

Last but not least, I am so grateful that despite living in the city where I can’t see the sunrise and sunset, I can witness the moon from our small kitchen window.

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